Social Development



Since its creation, Fundación Konecta has been committed to this initiative, a charity paddle tournament, inclusive and family-friendly, with the aim of raising funds for social causes.

This is a consolidated sporting event, which Fundación Konecta has been holding year after year, with the support of Konecta companies and volunteers, and which in each edition donates all the proceeds to a currently relevant social cause.

During all this time, more than 3,000 people from vulnerable groups have benefited thanks to the collaboration of more than 5,000 Konecta players and volunteers.

In the last edition, the entire proceeds were donated to +Family project of Fundación Bertín Osborne, a comprehensive and free support and care service for the families of people with disabilities, consisting of its own App, a telephone support service and face-to-face workshops. In addition to this specific support, Fundación Konecta has a global alliance with this organisation and offers free advice on employment and accessibility to all the families of Fundación Bertín Osborne who request it.

Results: in its 17 years of life, more than €350,000 has been donated to 22 social entities, directly benefiting more than 3,000 people from vulnerable groups.