Social Development


Since 2020, Fundación Konecta and Fundación FAD Juventud have been promoting a free, confidential and anonymous service for adolescents and young people with mental health problems to inform, guide and provide them with psychological support through SIOF Joven.

Its creation coincided with a crucial moment worldwide, the coronavirus epidemic, making it more difficult for young people to respond to their environment, generating levels of stress and anxiety that have been growing ever since. During these years, more than 2,500 consultations have been received from minors and young people related to different risk behaviours, such as video game abuse or gambling.

In recent years, the trend towards an increase in mental health-related problems has been consolidated. In 2022, the most common consultation topics received at SIOF Joven were anxiety (22%) and drug use (20%).

The project offers a free service through phone calls, videoconferences and WhatsApp, which adapts the attention and response to the possible requests related to the social circumstances that the general population, and more specifically the youth, is going through (unemployment, concern for the future, difficulties for emancipation, etc.).

Objectives: for this year, the aim is to expand the service and benefit more young people. To this end, the requests received by the SIOF Joven will be dealt with through various channels, the training of a professional team will also be promoted and a digital strategy will be developed to disseminate the service through social networks.