Social Development



Fundación Konecta has supported Fundación Alalá since its creation, with the aim of educating children at risk of social exclusion in values, using culture, art and sport as a motivational tool.

The aim of this socially important initiative is to support and improve the situation of families and children in very disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Seville and Jerez. Families are supported to combat school absenteeism and to promote their social and work integration. The aim is to eliminate the social gaps that divide citizens into different categories.

This complex social change is pursued through different schools of Fundación Alalá focused on: plastic arts, to enhance creativity and develop artistic activities; healthy nutrition schools, framed in the improvement of eating habits and healthy living; theatre, launched in 2017; employment and school reinforcement; sport and leisure, and art, where guitar, percussion, dance and singing classes are taught. Fundación Alalá works directly with 150 students in the neighbourhood of “the three thousand dwellings” in Seville and more than 70 in “Estancia Barreda” in Jerez. It also aims
to promote higher education through agreements with private universities that provide scholarships to students. This is done through the Loyola-Alalá scholarships.

Objectives: to support social integration through the education of children and young people at risk of social exclusion, promoting training in values and using culture, art and sport as a motivational tool. To be a benchmark in the development of social integration projects for groups at risk of exclusion, managing to eliminate the gaps that divide citizens into different categories.