Social Development



Fundación Konecta supports artists with disabilities through its collaboration in the Fundación ONCE’s Contemporary Art Biennial. This project was created in response to the need for people with other abilities to access culture in a normalised way and with the aim of eliminating prejudices about artistic creation by people with disabilities.

Culture, both from the perspective of artistic creation and from that of the enjoyment of works made by others, should be accessible to all those who wish to develop their skills and abilities.

In its aim to position itself as a benchmark within the inclusive cultural offer in Spain, the Fundación ONCE’s Contemporary Art Biennial is centred on an exhibition of visual arts, around which a series of parallel activities are developed, including cycles of performing arts (film, theatre, dance and music), artistic training workshops and round tables in any of its disciplines.

With this initiative, Fundación ONCE and Fundación Konecta aim to open up channels for the dissemination of works of art by artists with disabilities from a dual perspective. On the one hand, promoting knowledge about these artists and, on the other, boosting the marketing of their works, without forgetting the main objective of the project: employment and social integration.

Objective: to facilitate self-learning tools for the interpretation of contemporary art, as well as universal accessibility, and to encourage experiences of awareness and understanding of diversity.