Social Development



ABC Seville, CaixaBank and Fundación Konecta have been promoting Sevilla Solidaria since 2013, a news portal that covers the activities carried out throughout the province by social organisations.

This initiative aims to raise awareness of the activities of these organisations that strive to improve the lives of people in vulnerable situations, as well as to publicise the events they organise to raise funds. A space where Seville’s NGOs, institutions and volunteers can publicise their activities to Sevillian society.

For years, the city has been helping different groups, such as people struggling with an illness or social inclusion due to a physical or intellectual disability. It is also about helping families without sufficient resources and developing communities in other countries.

Over the years, through news, reports and interviews, Sevilla Solidaria has demonstrated its good work in disseminating and supporting social initiatives together with non-profit organisations. They always try to contribute in the most difficult situations, to accompany each and every one of the people dealing with social exclusion. The aim is to achieve a more inclusive and egalitarian society, which will only be achieved if everyone does their part.

Objective: to fight to improve the lives of people in vulnerable situations and to publicise the events that social organisations organise to raise funds.