Fundación Konecta and Fundación Dádoris support, through scholarships, the access to university education of young people with extraordinary talent in their studies, but with limited economic resources, with the aim of promoting their professional development.

These scholarships are among those with the largest financial endowment in Spain for students without resources and favour the ‘chain of solidarity’ with the aim of promoting talent. Through the creation of alliances, the aim is to provide employment for groups at risk of social exclusion.

In this way, Fundación Konecta grants scholarships to two students for one academic year to promote the inclusion and training of these young people, also seeking to make them role models for others and generate a multiplier effect. In this way, Fundación Konecta relies on the work of the Dádoris Foundation and the team of professionals who collaborate to achieve its mission, following a management model without administrative costs.

Objectives: to support, train and integrate young people at risk of social exclusion into the labour market by means of financial aid.