This diversity and inclusion programme led by Konecta and supported by Fundación Konecta revolves around three pillars: training, integration and support. Its aim is to fight for the integration of groups at risk of social exclusion in Peru.

Within the three pillars of this initiative, the training offers highly specialised and updated knowledge in technical skills related to customer service, according to the needs of the labour market and is complemented by related training in soft skills, as these are offered to vulnerable populations. Through insertion and support, the aim is to insert six groups at risk of social exclusion, such as people with disabilities, low-income people, women victims of violence and trafficking, the LGTBIQ+ community, adults over 50 years of age and immigrants. Once they have found employment with Konecta, they are given personalised support, with the aim of achieving their full integration. And finally, by raising awareness among all our employees, we try to adapt and train language to respect all groups.

All programme staff go through a compulsory course where they work on unconscious prejudices, stereotypes or biases and how to fight them.

Thanks to this initiative, Konecta has been recognised by the NGO Presente as the best company in Peru for LGTBIQ+ talent and has won the ABE award in the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ category,in recognition of all the efforts made at Inkluye to provide opportunities for the most vulnerable populations in the country, improving their employability and quality of life.

Results: this initiative has succeeded in integrating more than 1,500 people belonging to vulnerable groups in Konecta’s various work centres in Peru.