Fundación Konecta is committed to the employment integration of young people without resources and people with disabilities in Peru. The aim is to change the social reality of an opportunity-deprived area through the education, training and employment of its young people.

This project was born in 2012 with the support of the Santos Toledano Foundation, DKV Integralia Foundation and Pachacutec Foundation. Its main objective is to export the Spanish model of labour integration to Peru in order to promote local development in the district of Ventanilla, a disadvantaged area in the province of Callao.

This alliance has led to the creation of the first vocational training course in Contact Centre at the University of Pachacutec (Peru), aimed at providing specialised, high-quality knowledge to young people without resources and people with disabilities in the district of Ventanilla.

Its purpose is to offer job opportunities and professional training to these young people, for their subsequent employment in Konecta and other companies in the country. In addition, the project has the involvement of a large number of Konecta volunteers who teach all the training content and support the young people who join the company. It also has the collaboration of other companies and local public entities, as well as social entities, which aim to achieve the personal and professional development of young people without resources in a very disadvantaged district of Peru. It received the Seres Foundation award in 2018.

Results: 80% of the students are hired by Konecta in Peru, which is a precedent and a model to follow.