Volunteer Work



Since its creation, Fundación Konecta has been promoting corporate volunteering in different companies, as well as in Konecta itself, as a tool for joining forces with the aim of improving the environment and promoting the integration of people at risk of exclusion.

More than 16,000 volunteers actively participate in different corporate volunteering initiatives, contributing to the creation of value for society and for the company. Professional volunteering is promoted through actions where employees contribute their talent to social causes and initiatives of different NGOs. Some of the actions are related to “probono” services, others to human capital, based on employment workshops, monitoring and mentoring of integrated people. We also work from a strategic point of view, advising NGOs in the search for funding, partners… As part of this volunteering, Konecta takes in vulnerable young people on internships tutored by employees of the company. On many occasions, these young people are hired as students with borderline intelligence from the Capacis Foundation, with whom the foundation has a global collaboration agreement.

Fundación Konecta also carries out donation campaigns, food collections, solidarity markets and initiatives in favour of crises or catastrophes, such as the war in Ukraine or the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria and Morocco.

We also organise Volunteer Days, blood and marrow donation campaigns, food, clothes, books or toys collections that benefit entities such as the Red Cross, Cáritas, Madrina, AvanzaOng or Mensajeros de la Paz.

Fundación Konecta also promotes the participation of employees in national solidarity races such as the Entreculturas Race, with the aim of raising funds to facilitate access to education for girls at risk of violence, as well as the ASPACE Race for Cerebral Palsy, to raise awareness and improve the quality of life of these people.

Objectives: to strengthen the commitment of employees towards the company, offering them the opportunity to help with their knowledge and to learn about different social realities that allow them to empathise and eliminate prejudices.