42 Madrid Campus by Fundación Telefónica

Campus 42 Fundación telefónica

Fundación Konecta participates in the meeting organised by Fundación Telefónica to find out about the 42 project

Graciela de la Morena, Director of Fundación Konecta, attended the presentation of the event aimed at executives to learn about Fundación Telefónica’s “42 project”.

In the current process of technological transformation, Fundación Telefónica responds to the acquisition of competencies and skills aimed at incorporating new ways of learning, relating and even working. The 42 Madrid Fundación Telefónica campus, located in the heart of the company, the Telefónica District in Las Tablas (Madrid), is the first training in computer programming that is completely free, open to all, with no requirements for qualifications or prior training and accessible to everyone from the age of 18.

Fundación Konecta wants to support this pedagogical model based on peer-to-peer learning: a collaborative methodology, without classes or teachers, that allows students to unleash their creativity through project-based learning. The 42 philosophy promotes a place of personal growth where critical thinking and logical problem solving skills go hand in hand.