Sevilla Solidaria Gala

Fundación Konecta, together with Fundación La Caixa and ABC Sevilla, celebrates one more year the Sevilla Solidaria Gala

The aim of the event is to highlight the commitment of solidarity associations in Seville. Since 2013, Fundación Konecta, Fundación La Caixa and ABC Sevilla have been promoting “Sevilla Solidaria”, a news portal featuring the activities carried out throughout the province by social organisations.

Organised by the newspaper ABC Sevilla, the latest event aimed to thank and recognise the work and efforts of all the social organisations in the province. This initiative aims to make visible the work of all these entities that fight to improve the lives of people in vulnerable situations, in addition to organising events that help to raise funds. The aim is to contribute in the most difficult situations, to accompany each and every one of the people who deal with social exclusion, in order to achieve a more inclusive and egalitarian society, which will only be achieved if everyone does their part.

Aware of this, Seville has been welcoming and attending to different kinds of groups for years, from people fighting against an illness to social inclusion. In addition, this project also tries to help families without sufficient resources, as well as developing communities in other countries.

During the gala, Graciela de la Morena,, Director of Fundación Konecta, thanked all the associations and, especially, the volunteers and highlighted their “great responsibility from the business sphere to seek mechanisms that support our environment in order to do our bit to mitigate in some way the injustices of society”.. Fundación Konecta’s director added that “companies cannot live outside these realities”.

In addition, she cited the main figures of Fundación Konecta over the last few years, which include more than 215,000 people benefiting from projects,, around 15,000 people involved in alliances, around 17,639 volunteers and around 16.7 million euros invested in social projects.. All of this, in accordance with the company’s four lines of action: employability, social development, research and university and volunteering. Among all the projects, she highlighted the work of Fundación Alalá, led by Blanca Parejo, which has benefited nearly 300 children and their families in the poorest neighbourhoods of both Seville and Jerez through its commitment to social integration through art, culture and sport.