Fundación Konecta Responde is a project that was created in 2014 and offers personalised advice on accessibility to people with disabilities and the elderly, promoting their autonomy and independent living. This project, promoted by Fundación Konecta, has the collaboration of ASPAYM Madrid.

Fundación Konecta Responde offers free advice on universal accessibility and support products for people with disabilities and the elderly. It is a multidisciplinary service provided by architects, engineers and occupational therapists who offer practical solutions adapted to the needs of each person.

In addition, this initiative includes studies of access to housing, the interior, changes of level, adaptations of the spaces inside the house, as well as consultations related to the accessibility of the common areas of buildings. It also includes advice on legislation, aid, accessible leisure, analysis of the adaptation of workstations to the needs of each worker, as well as the adaptation of vehicles and parking spaces.

The answers are personalised and require a specific study of each query, as each person has specific functional characteristics and the house must ensure that it can be used by its occupants in a practical sense.

Through this initiative, Fundación Konecta Responde stands as a national benchmark in terms of accessibility advice for people with disabilities, partnering with relevant entities, including the National Paraplegic Hospital of Toledo and the Institut Guttmann.

Thanks to this initiative, an Accessibility Guide has been created, which provides simple answers to the most frequently asked questions. And it currently offers free specialised advice to all the families of the Bertín Osborne Foundation.

Results: in these years, more than 600 queries have been answered and the most requested topics have been those related to legislative doubts, accessibility to housing and common areas of buildings and technical aids. The results show that 100% of users consider the service to be very satisfactory or satisfactory.