Father Angel
Father Angel with the management team of Messengers of Peace and Fundación Konecta.

Fundación Konecta and Messengers of Peace, united to help Turkish and Syrian families after the tragedy experienced by the earthquake

The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, without being definitive, exceeds 51,000 dead. If we add to this the families who have been left homeless and helpless, the tragedy is magnified. Aware of this, Fundación Konecta wanted to do its bit and join forces with Messengers of Peace to collect warm clothes, food and other basic necessities.

To this end, it has carried out a nationwide campaign in all Konecta platforms, where employees have actively participated, in which more than 2.5 tons of warm clothes have been collected for Cáritas Madrid and the Turkish Embassy to help Turkish and Syrian families.

In addition, a strong fundraising campaign was carried out to collect almost 4,000 euros, between the employees’ contribution and that of Fundación Konecta (which doubled the amount raised by the employees).

This collaboration is part of a global alliance where Fundación Konecta aims to support, through professional volunteering and pro bono services, a number of initiatives of Messengers of Peace.